The Lows and Lows of Internet Access

Apologies to any readers for the extended absence – lots of travelling, little in the way of Internet access other than WiFi hotspots that won’t let you pay, neighbours of friends with annoyingly secure WLANs and other common (to me) failings.

Even when it’s fixed and should work, as I referenced t’other week regarding my friend and colleague Phil Snell, CTO of NetNetTechnologies and his trials and tribulations with BTs business ADSL service. Back in France, le BT, AKA France Telecom, managed to completely screw Internet access for several days, website mysteriously becoming unavailable, access disappearing completely then reappearing, before going completely down for a morning – and we were blaming my pre-launch 3Com router that was roasting to death in 40+ centigrade temperatures. Sort your routers and DNS out garcons… so now back in Andorra and find that if I want to go fibre (a free upgrade) I am potentially without ADSL for 15-30 days. Useful that… And so, back with reignited copper, the weather decides to take control and bring a summer storm that keeps cutting the power…

Remember I said something about mobile data the other day!

More tomorrow, ADSL, Internet and weather prevailing…

Footnote: One of my few Internet successes this year was getting free – and working – WiFi on the National Express train service from London Kings X to Leeds. I see that National Express has now had the service taken into the public to stop them going under. Excellent…