Snow Kidding - I come back to ski season and FTTH... Plus Wine!

Back from yet more travels.

Escaped the UK just as the snow started to fall. Got back to Andorra to a sparking sunny day… it didn’t last – heavy snow fell during the night and hasn’t stopped much since.

However, the bonus was that my apartment/office sitters saw through Andorra Telecom fixing my brand new FTTH Internet connection that died after a power cut a few hours into its life. And it seems faster than before – like really quick. I’ve recorded 30Mbps downlink and 10+ going up. Not bad for all of €10 a month more than the 1Meg ADSL connection it replaced – and it includes 300 minutes free calls to Europe.

Ironic, then, that the moment I get back to this Internet wonderland the first thing I have to do is artificially create a slow link to test the latest and greatest WAN acceleration product from my mates at DBAM Systems, from my home town of Wakey, once famous for its rugby league team (and the Latino Quarter) but now the WAN acceleration capital of the world (allegedly). To date most acceleration products have required tin at either end, or have been very limited in performance and/or application. However, this software only (browser and server plug-ins are all that is required) solution is the dream SaaS enabler (apart from the wonderful Thingamy which doesn’t need it).

More on DBAM next month, but just to say that it makes very slow applications very very fast indeed. Desktop collaboration across umpteen countries? Absolutely. As if BA wasn’t in enough trouble already… It even works great over mobile broadband. So if Vodafone and others really want to save and resell their valuable 3G/4G bandwidth then look no further.

Big day tomorrow (that being Christmas Eve) – choosing the wine for the Christmas dinner. Note that – due to excess – good Bordeaux should be going dirt cheap at the moment, so no need to search for Azbekistan specials. And among the mad rush on Argentinian Malbec in the UK currently (which is admittedly often excellent and the regular tipple at my Argentinian steakhouse down the road) we shouldn’t forget the European home of said grape; namely Cahors in S-W France. Got two bottles primed for the break. And if any of you are saying “but Cahors is made primarily of the Auxerrois grape, then you’re correct.  Auxerrois is Malbec, as is Cot grown in the adjacent (to Cahors) Quercy region. All good fun…

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