Rewarding Awards

Much as I like to hope that my contributions to the analysis of IT products and tech are well observed and on the mark, it’s nevertheless reassuring when those observations are supported further afield.

So it is with App-DNA, whose AppTitude OS/Browser/App migration tool I’ve been testing since its inception and, most recently at the beginning of this year. While the real purpose of the mention was a heads-up WRT a new version of said product – v5 – now being available, so if you’re following the story do check it out, it’s also worth mentioning that the App-DNA guys picked up an award: the Best of Synergy Award in the Desktop Transformation Category at the Citrix Synergy conference – so I guess it’s a bit like the footballer’s player’s player of the year around – i.e. it has some significance!

Talking of awards, my mates at Spirent wanted me to mention the Spirent Network Hero Awards wot will be presented to individuals from nominations whom the judging panel considers to have made an outstanding effort in optimising their company’s contribution in one or more of a variety of technical fields associated with networking, and as a result, benefited the business performance of the company they work for.


My only question here is: where were these awards back in 1988 when I was juggling supporting 1000+ users across the whole of the UK with doing product evals, managing maintenance contracts and chatting up the typing pool in my former IT role? I would call that pretty heroic…


Anyway, the awards panel includes my lovely old mate Camille Mendler from Informa, so there’ll be no messing about, rest assured…


If you want to enter someone (no sniggers please), here’s the entry point (I said, no tittering at the back)


It’s obviously that “awards time of year” since I’ve also recently been judging for another title; I won’t be able to attend the awards night itself, kind of a shame cos it’s a free p**s up, but it’s also pretty excruciating at these do’s either a) trying to console a losing finalist or, even worse, b) congratulating a winner that you didn’t vote for. Lots of back-stabbing ensues. Noteworthy then, that the Spirent awards dinner is being held at the Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall!

Final word on awards – my personal award for the finest beer (as a brief diversion from wine tips) in my recent bout of travelling that took in London, most of France, Wakefield, Devon and Brussels, that I tasted has to go to Otter Ale from Otter brewery near Honiton (Devon) and especially the pint at the Ship Inn in Kingswear (a nice place to retire to methinks). It’s an English beer that’s actually “brown” not “golden”, so my old IT mate Steve Palmer would appreciate this. Joint 2nd, for the record, would be all the wonderful Westmalle Trappist beers I had in Belgium. It’s just difficult to knock back several pints of them in one session when they’re as high as 9.5%. Not that we didn’t try our best…