Phorm - 4 key rules that ISPs must obey

A manifesto for governing the use of Phorm from the web site badphorm – for when good ISPs go bad!

* The Phorm system must be fully opt-in. Opt-out systems are, in our opinion, not acceptable for such a potentially invasive piece of technology.

* Such opt-in must be explicit and voluntary (requiring specific user action) for all subscribers, not simply a change in the ISPs terms and conditions.

* The opt-in process must be managed at a network level, not reliant on cookies or any other type of client side mechanism.

* Where a user has chosen not to participate in the Phorm system, that user’s traffic must not be passed through or be accessible by any equipment owned, operated or supplied in whole or in part by Phorm (including software operating on ISP owned equipment).

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you forgot the most important key rule, so that makes 5. to be fully within the UK and EU law,it MUST be a secure "Walled Garden" with all participants kept inside there while being intercepted and phormed, including the websites that consent to having their data raped....
I’m no fan of Phorm, and support your rule 5, but I was surprised that web surfers find it surprising that ISPs like BT WOULDN’T take advantage of the opportunity to get information on browsing habits and translate it into pennies. It’s similar to the outrage of the ITV phone in scandal – did all the viewers that dialled competition lines really have *no* idea that they were being ripped-off? The price you pay for walking down the road is being recorded on CCTV, why did anyone think surfing the web would be different?