Optimisation Springs To Life

It’s been a busy old Spring so far – I’m still trying to get my head around the recession – IT is going bonkers, spending like the world is about to end (does somebody know something we don’t?), every flight I take from wherever to wherever is full and when I take a few days off on the Spanish and SoF coastlines the places are packed.

The result is a lot of tests and reports to update on, which can be found on the www.broadband-testing.co.uk website as normal, for free download. Gartner said it at the start of the year, IDC has supported the argument and I’m in the thick of it – network optimisation that is, whether LAN, WAN, Cloud or inter-planetary. As a result, we’ve got two new reports up on L-B/ADC solution providers, Kemp and jetNEXUS. Both are going for the “you don’t need to spend stupid money to optimise app delivery” angle and both succeed; however, the focus of the tests are quite different. With Kemp we showed that you can move from IPv4 to IPv6 and not take a performance hit at all – very impressive. With jetNEXUS we showed that you can d**k around with data at L7 as much as you want and still get great throughput, manipulating data as you wish with no programming skills required whatsoever. Could put a few people out of a job… no problem let them loose with sledgehammers to knock down my old home town of Wakefield so someone can rebuild it properly. What was it that John Betjeman said about Slough?

The same could be said of Vegas; since arriving back with what felt like pneumonia I’ve been in an “who’s the most ill” competition with my HP mate Martin O’Brien who contracted several unpleasant things while were both out at Interop. Elton John had to cancel the rest of his Vegas shows because he contracted (the same?) respiratory problems. Well if it’s good enough for Elton…

One of the things to come out of Interop meetings wot I have spoken about is the proposed testing of HPs (along with F5) Virtual Application Networking solution. What is interesting here is that the whole aspect of profiling network performance management on a per user, per application basis is to get that profile as accurate as possible in the first place. While HPs IMC management system (inherited from the 3Com acquisition) does some app monitoring, it doesn’t go “all the way”. But we know men (and women) who can… If you checkout the Broadband-Testing website, you’ll also see a review of Centrix’s WorkSpace products. With these you can take application monitoring down to the level of recording when a user logs into an app, how long they have it loaded for and even when they are actively using it or not. Now that IS the way to get accurate profiling; take note HP. Let the spending continue…