Novell Acquisition Strategy By Attachmate...

So Novell finally gets acquired!

And by Attachmate – who saw that one coming? Novell turned down recent offers by a New York hedge fund but seems to have given in on this occasion, to the tune of $2.2bn. According to official sources, Attachmate plans to operate Novell as two separate business units. The first will be focused on Novell’s management technologies – the ZENworks desktop management software – and the second will focus on Novell’s Linux offerings (SuSE).

What is amusing and a sign of the times – given that both Novell and Attachmate (whatever became of Ian Wells?) were very good clients of ours in the ’90’s – is that, back then, Novell was the big guy and Attachmate the little, specialist terminal emulation company. Seems that terminal emulation has outlived all expectations! In truth, Attachmate has expanded into network and server/client management etc, so the Novell acquisition does make sense, and is now owned by a private equity thingybobby, so does have cash to splash. In which case, can someone from Attachmate please contact me as I have a couple of very excellent UK companies I can interest them in…

As a footnote to the demise of Novell and its long-standing fight with Bill Gates’ (or should I say Steve Ballmer’s) boys, it is worth noting that, in addition to the sale to Attachmate, a sell-off of $450 million worth of Novell intellectual property assets to a consortium organised by Microsoft is also part of its swansong.