No Hype With VoIP

In this era of virtual cloudiness and all manner of reinventions, it’s interesting to note that many of the limitations of IT since whenever, are still incumbent, despite technology advances.

For example, yesterday I was sharing a Skype For Bz call with Said from SolarWinds (so Devon meets Austin, Texas). Said was rightly bemoaning the quality of contemporary Web Conf tools, both in their relative complexity and inability to deliver good quality, latency-free voice and data comms , regardless of the bandwidth at each end – and in the middle.

The irony here is that I’ve been testing optimisation products since the late 90s that are a cure-all for these limitations. So why haven’t they been implemented? Moreover, the security concerns make secure, optimised VoIP more critical than ever. A story emerged this summer involving the European Parliament potentially enforcing end-to-end encryption on all forms of digital communications, as an extension of personal privacy. A ban on “backdoors” into encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram is also being considered. And talking of WhatsApp, WhatsWorse than the alleged WA voice to voice comms – it’s bloody terrible!

Logic dictates that end-to-end security must be allowed to exist free from intermediate back doors. The value of “legal intercept” and back doors needs to be considered from a systems point of view, not political, and how that capability can lead to bigger issues than legal intercept aims to mitigate. Two of my clients, Brand Communications and Aritari, both offer the ability to secure and optimise VoIP anywhere in the world, across any form of connection, cloudy or otherwise – so why are there no standards being enforced or reinforced here? Next year’s World Cup in Russia is certainly going to be, er, interesting…

Proving that VoIP is bigger than ever, Mitel has recently acquired ShoreTel as a proof point; to cement the VoIP in the cloud concept. Add in the capabilities of a Brand and Aritari and you have the PSTN reinvented for 2020 onwards – resilient, secure, optimised, network-agnostic and concurrent data friendly. I was in conversation with Jeremy Butt, newly appointed SVP of EMEA for Mitel very reecntly, and we both agreed it makes total sense. In my office I have a landline, and I have a cordless phone system. Have I plugged it in once this year? No. I just use VoIP or mobile. I;m not sure what colour “that” future is anymore but it’s certainly not landline…