Microsoft buys Yahoo?

If you can’t make friends by networking, then buy them.

Eyeballs and attention spans make money in the new economy and Microsoft has never been an innovator.

It bought Hotmail, it didn’t invent it. The first edition of Bill Gates’ The Road Ahead famously neglected to mention the world wide web.

Public computer networking – independent of whatever operating system or browser you were running – as far as Microsoft was concerned, was never on the agenda.

The world wide web was always going to be the Microsoft wide web as far as it was concerned; a world in which you had to use Microsoft software to access certain features – just as Internet Explorer does with Hotmail now.

What Microsoft doesn’t realise is that what made sites like MySpace and Facebook worthy of top dollar was their adherence to open standards. Both sites work if you use a PC or a Mac or Explorer or Firefox.

It’s an all embracing network and not a closed one that wins in the end.