Magical Storage?

IT is often accused, and rightly so, of being too “dry”.

Some – well most – of the industry just begs to have to proverbial taken out of it. So it’s good to see my storage mates Isilon – and American (ok – Seattle) at that – prepared to laugh at themselves.

Check out the link: – and you’ll see what I mean; the Isilon guy is good value and any IT/data centre manager will sympathise with his plight. Clue – there’s magic and cables involved. I once tried the same trick with old 10base2 Ethernet and dodgy T-connectors, but to no avail. It brought an entire network down, rather than the house.

Meantime, more and more focus seems to be on virtualising storage and everything that revolves around that – security, management etc, so watch this space for updates on product tests etc in this area.


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