Lizards, Iguanas & Cross Channel Ferries

Just back in Andorra from over two weeks constant travel, mainly in UK and surviving on 3G Dongles.

Given the somewhat outrageous charges Vodafone and levy upon one, once outside of the UK (gazillion quid an hour) AND, given the need to check email upon arriving in Dover and boarding early, the only option is to set up in the bar, go “dongling” and use your mobile phone to check when the UK signal is about to give way and transfer to a French network, at which point you whip out the dongle asap. Could someone just offer reasonably priced data roaming charges so we don’t have to do this please?

My return journey included a quick visit to my old South of France location where, during a run (well, you have to keeo the wine calories at bay) I encountered two huge lime green lizards (Geckos?). Appropriate, then, that my mates at Sunrise – home of the excellent Sostenuto ITSM app that I’ll be reviewing the latest version of next month – have today launched “Iguana”, a self-service interface for the aforementioned Sostenuto. Given that Sostenuto pre-dated SaaS, IaaS, Paas, in that it was always web-service based, it’s easy for these companies to be labeled as simply “jumping on the bandwagon” but here we are talking original and best.

The idea, then, is to enable total customisation on a per user basis for information access and management thereof, WRT Sostenuto ITSM, wherever and whenever. Think ITSM meets Facebook and you’re getting the idea. Heldesk software has most certainly moved on…

Just one question though – what exactly are the Sunrise marketeers smoking when they name their products???

Of course, during my travels, HP has finally completed the acquisition of 3Com, including the H3C technology of course – surely the most expensive Chinese take-away in history? Looks good value all the same (prawn crackers were thrown in I understand) and I can reveal that I will be taking a look at HPs newly inherited data centre switches next month. Meantime, a pre-test report will be appearing on the Broadband-Testing website within the next 24 hours, so please check it out at – meantime, more on the acquisition tomorrow…

P.S. Who ate all the snow while I was away?