International Broadband Wars

First to extend a warm welcome to Heidi’s blogs on her newly installed VirginMedia 50Meg Home Service broadband connection on our Networks Generation blog.

However, those who noted a recent(ish) blog in which I explained that Andorra Telecom has been busy providing FTTH across the country, won’t be surprised at the announcement that I’m about to retaliate up here in the Pyreneen mountains, by taking said service which promises “up to 100Mbps”. This should be installed in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Moreover, the package – which includes free calls across the country (like saying free calls across the whole of the Lake District) and five hours of free calls per month to Europe (i.e. parents) actually works out cheaper than my 1Mbps ADSL connection + very costly calls to Europe (SkypeOut takes this pain away currently but in less than perfect audio).

Game on…