How Many 3G Dongles Do You Need?

Travelling Cross Country (in the train sense too) today twixt West of Yorkshire and Abingdon for a meeting; as ever lots to do, report adds/changes, presentations, emails to send and receive.

So, armed with Vodafone and 3G dongles, how many successful connections do you think I was able to make throughout the entire journey (almost 4 hours)? One with each dongle was the answer, and those for a maximum of five minutes – just enough time to get some PPT slide changes away. For the sheer hell of it I checked the signal on my mobile, which is Virgin PAYG and therefore T-Mobile’s network. Guess what – no signal there either, so a T-Mobile 3G dongle would not have added much in the way of data capabilities… All of which begs the question – just how many 3G dongles does one actually need in order to (near) guarantee connections when travelling cross country trains?

East Coast railway’s barely working (free) WLAN service from last Thursday now seems like a positive memory…

So  – the reason for the travel; a meeting with Sophos and an insight into the world of the internal labs of a major AV software vendor. Think 80,000 new malware attacks a day to analyse. Think one infected web page every five seconds. Think how vulnerable the “Cloud” might be and how many people are putting their data and applications in it. Think where the protection should be – in the cloud, at the borders of and between the operators/ISPs/Hosting companies etc – yes, yes, yes and yes – at the edge of the private network (without and within), on the endpoints… Makes for an interesting architectural dilemma does it not? Mark Harris in the Sophos labs talked about the phases of malware/hacking – the first for the sheer hell of it, the second for serious financial gain and now the third phase – serious political and military activity, cyber going beyond the criminal and into the political activist and terrorist spheres.

I feel a film script coming on…

P.S. Speaking at a mobile technology seminar in London…. I still can’t get a signal!