Guy Kewney

I was saddened to hear about the death of fellow IT scribe and long-time acquaintance Guy Kewney last week.

Guy and I go back 20+ years – when I came out of the world of IT networking and went into the world of IT journalism and human networking, he was one of the proper old school hacks who actually wanted to be exactly what he was – a journalist embraced in IT – and willing to soak up information like the proverbial sponge.

He also shared a great interest in wine; soon a common theme of conversation among us at the more dreary press events we were then forced to attend. Mind, the wine was often worse than the product announcement…

Guy got early into the whole wireless thing (as indeed did I) so it’s sad that he won’t be around to witness the 4G/LTE era when IP, mobile and voice come full circle and meet in the middle. He will, of course, forever be know as the REAL Guy Kewney following the admittedly hilarious mix-up at the Beeb a few years back (I actually thought I was about to start convulsing with laughter when I saw the clip; I could hardly breathe) but in the IT world Guy has always been THE one and only Guy Kewney. He didn’t so much suffer fools gladly as not at all and was all the better for it. Vendors were not given an easy time – great. Soon got rid of Anericans coming over and starting their pitch by telling us how many square feet of office they had…

As a devout atheist I’m not going to get into the “gone to a better place” stuff, but if you imagine there was  the pearly gates and team, you can imagine Guy attending his first conference with God and pointing out a few flaws in the deployment of the universe, along the lines of: “I’m not entirely certain that I understand or agree with your line of thinking when it came to….” and so it would go on. And on. Guy RIP.