Coughing Up In Vegas

Back from Interop and my ‘beloved’ Vegas from which I escaped just in time before being air-con’d to death  as my ongoing cough continues to remind me. Is it possible to sue “air”?

I don’t know – maybe there are people out there (mainly the people who were “out there”) who enjoy the delicious contrast of walking in from 42c temperatures into 15c, time and again, then in reverse, and the joy of being able to hear at least three different sorts of piped music at any one time, the exhilaration for the nostrils of seven or more simultaneous smells, 24 hours a day? Must be me being picky. I like my sound in stereo at least, but all coming from the same source…

Anyway  – reflections on the show itself; easy when there’s less smoke and more mirrors AKA taking away the hype. What I found was a trend – that others at the show also confirmed – towards making best of breed “components” again, rather than trying to create a complete gizmo. For example, we had Vineyard Networks creating a DPI engine that it then bolts on to someone’s hardware, such as Netronome‘s dedicated packet processing architecture, that then sits – for example – on an HP or Dell blade server. I like this approach – it’s what people were doing in the early ’90’s; pushing the boundaries, making networking more interesting – more fun even – and simply trying to do something better.

There are simply more companies doing more “stuff” at the moment. Take a recently acquired client of mine who I met out there for the first time, Talari Networks, enabling link aggregation across multiple different service providers – not your average WanOp approach. A full report on the technology has just been posted on the Broadband-Testing website: – so please go check it out. Likewise, a report from Centrix Software on its WorkSpace applications. Reading between the lines on what HP is able to do with its latest and greatest reinvention of networking – Virtual Application Networking or VAN – as we described on this blog last week, along with buddy F5 Networks, I reckon there is just one piece of the proverbial jigsaw missing and that is something that Centrix can most definitely provide with WorkSpace. The whole of VAN is based around accurately profiling user and application behaviour, combining the two – in conjunction with available bandwidth and other resource – to create the ideal workplace on a per user, per application basis at all times, each and every time they log into the network, from wherever that may be.

Now this means that you want the user/application behaviour modelling to be as accurate as possible, so your starting point has to be, to use a technical term much loved by builders, “spot on”. Indeed, there is no measurement in the world more accurate than “spot on”. While HPs IMC is able to provide some level of user and application usage analysis, I for one know that it cannot get down to the detailed level that Centrix WorkSpace can – identifying when a user loads up an application, whether that application is “active” or not during the open session and when that application is closed down… and that’s just for starters. I feel a marriage coming on…


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