Benchmarking Integration...

Just finished some testing at test equipment partner Spirent’s offices in glamorous Crawley with client Voipex – some fab results on VoIP optimization so watch this space for the forthcoming report – and it made me think just how different testing is now.

In the old days of Ethernet switch testing and the like, it was all very straightforward. Now, however, we’re in the realms of multiple layers of software all delivering optimisation of one form or another, such as the aforementioned Voipex, but equally with less obviously benchmarked elements such as business flow processes. Yet we really do need to measure the impact of software in these areas in order to validate the vendor claims. 

One example is with TIBCO – essentially automating data processing and business flows across all parts of the networks (so we’re talking out to mobile devices etc) in real-time. Data integration has always been a fundamental problem – and requirement – for companies, both in terms of feeding data to applications and to physical devices, but now that issue is clearly both more fundamental, and more difficult, than ever in our virtual world of big data = unorganised chaos in its basic form.

TIBCO has just launched the latest version of its snappily-named ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks product and the company claims that it massively increases the speed with which new solutions can be configured and deployed, a single platform to transform lots of data into efficiently delivered data and lots of other good stuff. In a Etherworld that is made up of thousands of virtual elements now, and that is constantly changing in topology, this is important stuff.

As TIBCO put it themselves, “Organisations are no longer just integrating internal ERP, SaaS, custom or legacy applications; today they’re exposing the data that fuels their mobile applications, web channels and open APIs.” Without serious management and optimisation that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

 Just one more performance test scenario for me to get my head around then….


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