Bad Broadband - a reader's complaint

Are the days of misleading broadband claims and bad service finally coming to an end?

Not according to our readers. Here’s what one had to say:

“I have been with Virgin Media for a number of years and their service has in my area steadily declined.

I live in Kirklees in West Yorkshire and pay for a 4mb service, of which I was getting, up until recently, 500kb download speeds. After phoning to complain, they sent engineers to replace the modem which they said was faulty. This stole my neighbours mac address, which had to be fixed after a long sequence of phone calls to an Indian call centre.

The speed is still only (at best) 1.9Mb, even though the engineers told me that my area should be running at 4Mb at least.

think that the only way forward in this country is via a substantial investment in the Broadband infrastructure, with upgraded high speed lines etc. Britain is often trumpeted to the rest of the world by ministers and politicians as a centre of technical excellence, yet compared to the rest of the world we lag far behind in our capacity to exploit the web as a vital business tool, because we are held back by slow sped and poor service.”

John Halstead, Systems Manager

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shucks you get 1,900 and you used to get 500 and you think that is a steady decline?? I have Talk Talk and normally had 2,000 but the other day had only 50. At my Girlfriends in London we have Tiscali at normally 4,000 but this evening we are getting 600. I have porobably spent a day in the last month on support lines and sending e-mails but with no success. Your right that the infurstructure is rubbish and they are all playing one customer off against another. They can fix my problem but only by reducing the level of service to someone else. We are sharing a limited resource and the more people that take out brodband accounts the worse the service gets. It will not improve until someone like trading standrds gets involved and forces them to provide a better service.
Been having very slow outgoing emails for yonks, and faced all sorts of excuses, the last excuse was traffic congestion, yet my friends down the road was ok, sending a letter 'a' in a email could take forever, yet I tried morning, noon and night and in the wee small hours - some congestion! The CEO at VM had me talk to an engineer and she was adamant she stayed on the phone to monitor the conversation.... the engineer said it was a server fault. No a happy bunny so dropped Swansea letter asking when will it be fixed - no response so I contacted CISAS Golden rule-: Make phone calls to customer service keeping time and date. DO NOT EVER, loose your temper - never. No luck then send Swansea Customer care a letter requesting confirmation in writing when the problem will be fixed, send it recorded mail and keep a copy. If still not satisfied contact the following the ADR people, download a 3 page PDF fill it in and send it. another one is IPAS simply fill in the on-line form, CISAS is the main one though. We'll see if I get answers now