Would a government CIO with sharp teeth drive IT standardisation?

With the new government determined to cut the cost of IT standardisation seems inevitable.

This will mean the government setting standards and the suppliers working around them.

It seems pretty obvious that having standard IT platforms rather than bespoke systems in each department will save money.

But somebody has to set these standards and ensure that all departments use them. The current government CIO role does not have this power and instead CIOs in departments make there own decisions. So something has to change.

The appointment of former government CIO and Accenture UK managing director Ian Watmore as chief operating officer of the efficiency and reform group in government is one change. But how will John Suffolk’s government CIO role change? Industry talk is rife that Suffolk will leave his post, but Suffolk recently told Computer Weekly he has no plans to do so.

I think most suppliers would welcome more powers to the government CIO.