Wipro fixes its European recruitment process as upsurge in applications revealed shortfall

I had a quick catch-up with Wipro’s European head, Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, yesterday.

We talked about a few things, such as the company’s strong performance in Europe and its targeting of the UK public sector, which I will blog about separately.

But first I would like to mention what Wipro has done to improve its European recruitment processes. This blog highlighted problems with it last year.

When I met Heenan Jalil in May last year he told me about Wipro’s desire to hire more staff local to where they operate. The reason for this is to improve communication with customers. By the end of 2010 it wanted 50% of staff serving European customers to be locals.

He also told me that the company was struggling to find the right staff in Europe. Lots of readers of this blog applied to Wipro and this coincided with a rush of applicants.

This kicked up a bit of a storm because all the people that applied found that they were stuck in the “to screen” stage of the online application for months. There were lots of conspiracy theories as a result.

I suggested in another blog post that Wipro will have to get its act together if it is to achieve its 50% target.

I am pleased to say that is exactly what Wipro did.

Heenan Jalil said following the problems last year the company has changed its recruitment system. It even brought a very senior recruitment executive from India to oversee the improvements. This executive has bags of experience at the Indian campuses. Wipro has also increased the number of recruitment staff involved in taking people on in Europe.

“We recognised that our system was not sufficient to keep up with the large number of applicants coming in,” Heenan Jalil told me. “We have brought in a new head in charge of all aspects of recruitment.”