Will Intra Company Transfer abuse have long-term damage on UK economy?

Channel 4 news last night featured a report on how the immigration cap is damaging science in the UK. A talented scientist from outside the EU was interviewed about his rejected visa application. He is heading for the US and it is the UK’s loss.

Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Martin Evans of Cardiff University writes in the Guardian that the “draconian” policy puts Britain’s future at risk.

Read it here and see the Channel 4 report.

This could also damage computer science in the UK. Or mabye just change it.

But I can’t help thinking that parts of the IT sector are to blame. ICT workers from overseas, many of which are low skilled, are in the UK in their thousands and this scenario has contributed to public opinion  being against immigration full stop.

As a result of this the Tories introduced a cap on non EU workers coming to the UK. Electioneering at its best or is that worst?

I look forward to seeing what the migration advisory committee recommends for the permanent cap that will replace the current temporary cap.

Immigration is always a hot topic. Only last week 5 Live featured a broadcast about ICTs and their detrimental afferct on UK workers. You can find a podcast of the 26 September broadcast here.