Why are Brits and continentals so different in attitudes to outsourcing?

According to Forrester companies in all Western European countries apart from the UK prefer to use contract IT staff over offshoring work.

This according to a report as is to ensure they fit in with the local social fabric and adhere to Labour rules.

But why is the UK so different?

Is this just because the UK government is so slack when it comes to policing intra-company transfers? Or is it because Indian IT workers speak perfect English whereas their German and French is for example not up to scratch?

When I receive the report I will look closer and try and answer some of these questions.

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Having worked in Europe, I would say it is partly the language/cultural issue, but also partly a question of valuing the skills and experience of your workforce. Companies in countries like Germany tend to retain their staff even in recessions, because they know they will need those skills/experience in future. Staff are generally well trained (although sometimes less flexible than experienced UK contractors, for example), and employers value their skills. Win-win. UK employers tend to treat staff like Kleenex, and so does our government. Lose-lose.

Thanks Matt

Yes Europeans do seen to value workers higher. My partner is Italian and I am impressed with how businesses treat and value staff there.

Things like sabbaticals are much more widely available.