Who said IT service providers don't innovate? TCS is grabbing start-ups before they even start-up.

I met up with TCS’s global head of digital enterprise, Satya Ramaswamy, last week.
We spoke at length about what large enterprises are doing in the digital world and I will write up the interview in January.

But I thought I would blog about something that he said about TCS’s strategy of innovating in the digital space.

Being based in Silicon Valley in California Satya is in contact with lots of people with tech ideas on a daily basis. He told me that TCS in Silicon Valley recruits these people even before they have started working on their ideas and gives them the platform and resources to turn the idea into a business.

This sounds great because it means the people with the ideas get the backing, and the business know-how, they need and TCS picks up new technology that will be more expensive further down the line when it is a start-up company.

But is there a risk that this might prevent the ideas developing independently and actually quash innovation?

I suppose when all is said and done the entrepreneur wants money and advice, which TCS has.

Let me know your thought because I am planning to write an analysis about this in January.