Who are the best IT outsourcing service providers in Europe?

As I blogged earlier Equaterra’s latest 2009-10 Europe IT Outsourcing Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction (SPPS) study has put Cognizant at the top in terms of general customer satisfaction.

25 service providers were ranked based on an assessment of over 2,000 deals and feedback from over 750 of the top IT spending organisations across 12 countries in Europe.

graph.jpgClick on the picture (right) and see the full top 25 ranings in order.

It makes interesting reading. Three of the top five offshore service providers with most their capability in India.

Take a look for yourself.

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Cognizant added $145 million of incremental revenue this quarter (up from $960 to $1.105 billion). This is the highest sequential increase in a given quarter in the Indian offshore IT industry. TCS held the record until now with $137 million of incremental revenue addition in Sep 2007.

Further, the revenue growth guidance of at least 36 percent indicates that Cognizant will add about $1.2 billion this year. This once again will be the highest ever by any company in the Indian offshore space (although Cognizant is US headquartered its model is often compared with Indian peers).

I just wanna know who is the best IT Outsourcing in Europe.But what all I have known that there are many It Outsourcing Agencies.

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IT Outsourcing Call Center.