What is the role of IT service providers in making customers greener

A report this week has revealed an appetite for improving energy efficiency within large businesses.

The report from Verdantix also revealed that businesses are approaching IT service providers with support in this area.

For example over the next two years 100% of businesses will prioritise IT investments in facility energy management and energy and carbon management. Meanwhile, 87% have budget initiatives for smart meters and sustainable datacentres.

The report, which also analysed 17 service providers, spelled out the capabilities of each.
Here is what it had to say about some of them.
It said Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and Logica are leading the way, with practices dedicated to energy and sustainability services. “They each have a broad portfolio of offerings covering most market segments, strong sustainability consulting skills to engage clients in new discussions, and active marketing of corporate sustainability performance.”

It also revealed that Capgemini, CSC, Fujitsu, Steria and TCS have broadened offerings. “Based on success in one or two market segments, these five IT systems integrators are expanding their propositions into contiguous areas,” said the report.

Verdantix said HP, IBM, Wipro and Orange score highly on corporate sustainability. “Reflecting their manufacturing roots, HP and IBM together lead the field in terms of corporate sustainability performance. These firms also achieve the highest brand recognition among buyers for their sustainability offerings. Among the pure-play IT services firms, Wipro achieves the highest score for its corporate achievements on sustainability metrics.”

But is your employer investing in services to help it better manage energy consumption?