West Midlands police force chooses IT task force over service providers

We have joint ventures, shared services, full outsourcing, mutuals and all kinds of partnerships in the public sector to help deliver IT services.

They are all controversial. Today I read about West Midlands police using a “task force”.

This article from Reuters describes how the new commissioner at West Midlands police has scrapped plans to outsource IT to cu help it cut costs but will instead put a task force on the case.

Police commissioner Bob Jones described the plan in this way. “The Task Force will undertake its work knowing that I wish to see core policing services remain within the police service,” He added that proposals to improve its IT functions could involve private sector partners.

See the article here.
So I wonder what the private sector involvement in IT is. And for that matter how the task force  will differ from the internal team.

The companies bidding for the contract were BT, Capita , G4S, IBM, Logica UK,Northgate Information Solutions, Serco , HP and Accenture.

There is a lot of controversy in the public sector at the moment as organizations attempt to cut operating costs while retaining service levels.