Was Capgemini £10m more expensive than Steria?

Talk in the industry is that Steria beat Capgemini to the Cleveland Police Authority outsourcing deal because Capgemini was £10m more expensive.

Given that neither supplier is supposed to know the bid of the other this is quite close.

Both Capgemini and Steria have good stories in the policing sector with shared services offering massive savings.

I have recently interviewed Capgemini’s head of UK outsourcing Greg Hyttenrauch as well as Steria’s UK CEO John Torrie. Both talk a good game when it comes to IT services for police forces so I expect them to increasingly come up against each other in bids.

Things like shared services and cloud computing really make sense for police authorities and for that matter many other public sector services. Most are identical organisations in the back end and can therefore share IT resources.