Union threatens strike as O2 plans to outsource call centre

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) said it will use all actions at its disposal, including strike, to oppose call centre outsourcing at O2 if reports are accurate.

I missed this late last month but thought it worth noting.

Reacting to an article in the Sun Newspaper, revealing plans at O2 to outsource call centres and up to 1000 jobs to Capita.

It is another good example of the challenges facing companies when they introduce technology at the expense of people.

“Whilst the CWU understands that this is a company that is transforming itself for the future, to take advantage of new technologies and in order to provide new services, any transformation plans need to take into consideration the CWU members that are affected and they need to be at the very heart of any decisions made.

“The CWU therefore instructs the Telecom and Financial Services Executive to oppose any move by O2 to outsource the majority of call centre work as it is not in the interests of the members we represent. To oppose by all means possible up to and including industrial action.”