Time for system integrators to do a lot of work for charity and talk about it

It’s time for system integrators to do some pro bono work.

Charities are really struggling in the current economic climate and many of them have more people to help with unemployment on the up and benefits being stripped down

Lower income for charities means serious constraints on IT investments. A recent survey of charities with an annual income greater than £1m found that 41% spent less than 1% of their income on IT, 46% spent 1-2% of their income on IT and just 13% spent over 2%. The average spend among commercial organisations is greater than 4% of income.

When donations are down it is arguably the time when charities need new IT the most, to become more operationally efficient and be able to contact more people that need help.

But with over two-thirds (67%) of UK charities not having paid IT staff it is difficult to harness the right IT at the best of times. Perhaps the system integrators, many of which have had their names dragged in the dirt for expensive public sector cock-ups, should offer a bit of support.

It will be good for their PR.

I know some SI’s do work for charity but we should have more of this.

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