The UK must ensure that it is investing in technology and innovation.

Just got this comment in on a survey I ran on my blog. It asked for people’s views on the UK IT skills gap. You can still contribute below.

This from a survey respondent: “We must ensure that the UK is investing in technology and innovation.

“We need bright young students to enter the field of technology in the knowledge that is an exciting, dynamic, and valued part of Britain’s future. Innovation in technology has the power to change all aspects of our lives, from our working environment to our leisure time, to our social interaction, on a global basis.

“As it is in Silicon Valley, it should be perceived as an attractive and ‘cool’ industry to be in, where smart people attract funding and investment and turn ideas in to reality. Ensuring the UK is an innovation leader it needs a large investment in the education system, ongoing support for R&D and creativity, and the right backing to allow innovative ideas to become business reality.”


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