The 2013 golf Open Championship has already been held in Romania this year

I wrote an article this week about the organisers of The Open Championship getting the event’s website ready for four days of heavy traffic.

The event is being held in Muirfield this month and the organisers have been preparing for 10,000 webpage requests a second from five million site users over a four day period.

R&A outsources website management and development to service provider Endava, which delivers its services from nearshore locations in Romania and Moldova.

In preparation for the event Endava has held a virtual re-run of last year’s event in its private cloud in Romania to test that all systems are working.

It is interesting how an organisation that was born in 1892 is harnessing technology and using nearshore IT services to support it.

IT service providers are really important to the big sporting events. There is not much point the organisations behind them retaining large IT departments all year. The Olympics and its use of Atos is another good example,

The tournament has gone big on technology this year.

Other technology developments:

A wireless mesh is being introduced at this year’s Open Championship for spectators to access the digital content available. Spectators will be able to use mobile devices to access this digital content in areas away from play in the grandstands and tented villages. The R&A will be monitoring the effectiveness of the mesh with a view to implementing it at future venues.

LED scoreboards will be introduced. This will provide up-to-date information and digital content. The digital content will include scoring, player information and statistical facts, live video highlights and other Open Championship and venue information. It will enable spectators to watch televised highlights from other parts of the course or live broadcasts. It will also help spectators to find out the latest scores.

A permanent fibre optic system has been installed at Muirfield which will deliver a number of benefits to tournament and will, the organisers hope, prove a legacy investment for the venue. The fibre optic cabling runs around the course and will improve the telecommunications coverage at The Open by making it possible to have more phone lines. The R&A says this will assist the media in covering the event, as they can access the system to upload photographs from out on the course.

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