TPI is now dedicated to cloud computing

Sourcing consultancy TPI has launched a dedicated cloud computing advisory service. The TPI Cloud Computing Business Solutions Unit, as it is known, will help customers navigate the choppy cloud computing seas.

So if a consultancy has set up a business unit focussed on cloud computing a lot of its customers must be talking about it

Indeed TPI announced the results of a survey of 140 IT decision makers regarding Cloud computing and it found that 78% of clients have had internal discussions about cloud computing.

Other findings of the survey revealed major concerns with cloud computing.

These were:

• 79% of respondents say data security is inadequate or unclear
• 50% fear non-compliance with regulatory requirements
• 50% fear business continuity or disaster recovery issues
• 49% are concerned about integrating Cloud solutions with legacy systems
• 49% are concerned that others may gain access to company data