Social, mobile and cloud are more than just supplier hype

In my role at Computer Weekly (services editor) I unsurprisingly spend a lot of time speaking to IT service providers.

One of the things they have been talking about recently is the demand from customers for services in mobile, cloud and social media.
For example Cognizant talks about what it describes as the SMAC stack. This is social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

When you speak to suppliers as a journalist you obviously have to take things with a pinch of salt.

But last night I got to hear IT leaders within businesses talking about mobile, cloud and social media.

The CW500 Club featured presentations from two IT heads. Chris Hewertson, the CIO of Colt Telecom and BA’s head of Service Transformation at British Airways  Glenn Morgan.
It was great to hear about the large amount of working being put into enabling both staff to use mobile devices to do their work and customers to consume services. The cloud and social media is enabling a lot of this.

Chris Hewertson, CIO at Colt, talked about the company’s bring your own device programme (BYOD) and the challenges associated with introducing that. This programme includes introducing Wi-Fi, enabling staff to use any device they want and Colt paying for the support. He talked about desktop virtualisation and the importance of workers having the same tools to work regardless of where they are.

He said the company had focussed its investment on the technology that serve its customers and is now investing in technology to support its own operation.

Meanwhile Morgan talked about the criticality of mobile to BA and its customers. He talked about mobile applications for customers, such as check in and choosing where to sit as well as providing staff with the devices they want.

So it seems big companies are now spending on social, mobile and cloud rather than just thinking about it.

What are you doing in these areas?