Shared serve row sparks no confidence vote at Cornwall Council

IT and business process outsourcing is controversial. The process of transferring internal work to a third party leads to redundancies and if it goes wrong CEOs often lose their jobs.
Senior political figures are aware of this and tread carefully around the subject.

A story on this week has revealed that the leader of Cornwall Council faces a no confidence vote in relation to a proposed shared services deal, with either BT or CSC to provide services such as libraries, benefits, payroll and IT services.

A petition for the removal of the council leader has been signed by 41 councillors who believe “such a fundamental change should be decided by the full council and not just ten members of the cabinet.”

Earlier this week I blogged about trouble at another local government outsourcing arrangement, when the “shambolic accounting” of the Southwest One shared service was revealed by CW contributor Mark Ballard.

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