See Fujitsu director being beaten-up in a local council meeting

I have recently been following the ongoing saga that is the troubled £70m IT services deal between Fujitsu and The Highland Council.

I wrote this story today about the meeting. Fujitsu Scotland director Brodie Sheperd was thrown to the wolves at the Highland Council’s resources committee to apologise for Fujitsu’s failings in the IT services contract and reassure councillors that services firm would get things sorted out.

But better than that, below is the actual meeting via a recorded webcast.

The committee gets to item 10 on the agenda which is in regard to the IT services contract at about the 20 minute mark. It is worth watching especially to hear how disgruntled councillors are and to see a very apologetic Mr Shepherd beaten up by councillors.

If the video doesn’t work here is a link to it.

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