Public sector IT workers not up to the private sector challenge, or are they?

I have been blogging about whether public sector IT staff have what it takes to succeed in the private sector.

I recently asked, through a Google questionnaire, the question of whether public sector IT workers were easily transferable to the private sector.

This followed a survey from the FT that suggested that 52% of private sector companies do not think public sector workers, in general (not specifically IT), are up to the job in the private sector. I  have had 90 respondents to the questionnaire. Thanks to all those that have contributed.

A total of 42 said public sector IT workers have the necessary skills to succeed in the private sector, while 48 said they have not. You can still give your views by filling in the questionnaire in this blog post.

I have also asked for opinions on what public sector IT workers need to make it is the private sector. I have had some great feedback so far from a few people, see it here. If you want to contribute please fill in the questionnaire in this blog post.