Public sector IT workers have a 50:50 chance of success in private sector

I have been blogging a quick survey about whether public sector IT staff have what it takes to succeed in the private sector.

This followed a survey from the FT that suggested that 52% of private sector companies do not think public sector workers, in general (not specifically IT), are up to the job in the private sector.

I put a quick Google questionnaire together to see whether this applied to IT and got 28 respondents.

Exactly 14 said public sector IT staff are not equipped to work in the private sector while the other 14 said they were. Similar to the FT findings although a tiny sample. Perhaps the split was just between public sector respondents and those in the private sector.

I really want some comments from people that have worked in both sectors so we can really understand the main differences, if any. Please let me know your thoughts by filling in the comment section below.