Optimism in Davos as World Economic Forum kicks off, says Infosys

The World Economic Forum (WEF) blogger, who agreed to give us updates, has sent his first instalment.


BG Srinivas, European head at Infosys, kept us up to date with the event last year. We yesterday featured a preview of the WEF written by BG.


Here is his blog post:


Optimisim for balanced trading terms


By BG Srinivas


“The mood at this year’s World Economic Forum is much more optimistic than it has been in the last two years, as the business community gears up to discuss how to achieve global economic growth in the future.


Key topics up for debate are:


-Globalisation 3.0 and the opportunities and challenges that this presents for the emerging and western markets;

-Digital media and how this can contribute to support the economy;

-How the western market will address the economic challenges it faces in the near term as it deals with debt and unemployment;

-How the western market can learn from past mistakes and what it should do to avoid a repeat of the financial crash.


These trends present more opportunities than challenges and are a catalyst to achieve a balance in business demand as mature markets look to leverage opportunities in the emerging markets. Technology will play a role in this as it will in managing macro-economic challenges such as addressing the shortage in natural resources; essentially it is an enabler to improve productivity to bridge the information gap.


Markets across the globe will increasingly look to countries experiencing rapid economic growth, such as China and India, to provide innovation hubs that offer businesses in western countries the opportunity to scale, tap into talent pools and reduce capital expenditure. Globalisation of the economy, through the use of technology enables greater collaboration to achieve balanced trading terms. As the economy continues to recover, collaboration will be key, as all will benefit from greater accessibility to goods, services at more competitive prices and innovation.”


Also see this link for his four blog posts last year.