Open source already used in 80% of corporates

This is an interesting story about the take up of Linux in the corporate sector.

On this blog I sometimes touch on the increasing use of open source software in large enterprises.

I feel it is important in this blog because the IT service providers are the ones that can make or break open source, such as Linux, in the corporate sector. They can become the support that can allay fears within IT departments that they will struggle to find reliable developers and support.

Deloitte recently told me that its customers are increasingly using open source to run pilots.

But Research presented at a conference in the US this week showed that Linux is in the mainstream. Forrester said at the event that companies started adopting Linux to cut costs in early 2009 but that by the end of 2009 it was seen as a driver of growth.

According to in the third quarter of 2009, 48% of Forrester’s survey respondents were using an open source operating system, while 57%  were using an open source programming language. Meanwhile only one in five said there are not using open source at all (hence 80% already used).

A Forrester analyst said although Linux is used in mainstrean enterprises promoters need access to developers if they are to  get the entire company, rather than silos, using Linux.

A great success story for Linux is the London Stock Exchange, which is moving its trading platform onto it. The company bought an entire software firm that developed the Linux based system to make sure it had the developlm ent resources.

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