Oi! Cameron. 'It's not grim up North,' stop focusing on 'That London.'

Manchester based IT services boss claims that Manchester deserves to be known as Tech City rather than the area of east London redeveloped for the Olympics.

Scott Fletcher, founder and chairman of ANS Group, blasted the London centric attitude of David Camerom

 “It’s a bold plan trying to hype up the space down there (that London village) as Britain’s answer to Silicon Valley. But Silicon Roundabout is only ever going to put Investors in a spin”.

We have the BBC in Manchester in MediaCity, as well as Cisco and NetApp and global trading companies such as PZ Cussons, Co-operative Group and Umbro, Kelloggs, Adidas and Siemens.

He says the North West boasts the second-largest ‘digital cluster’ in Europe. “Manchester has all the top talent and a sensible cost infrastructure”.

“Ultimately we can provide a lot better value for money and are more attractive to foreign investors”.

Skyrocketing rents are forcing StartUps out of the Olympic Park area and ultimately this will drive away talent, he says.

Not only is ‘Madchester’ trying to stake a claim on years of indie music but it also wants to be Britain’s IT hub.

But he and the PM are both wrong. I am from Newcastle and live in East London (well south east) and I used to live near Manchester. So I am well qualified as a Computer Weekly journalist to say Newcastle is the place where the Tech hub should be. Not biased at all.

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