Offshoring no longer synonymous with India but what does offshore IT mean today?

Last week Gartner announced its figures on where in the world are the main areas where businesses offshore their IT.

Western European buyers predominantly use India (35%), Poland (21%), Brazil (18%) and China (16%). The UK is probably even more dominated by India because of the language advantage.

But things are changing and there are other options. The suppliers themselves are even increasing the number of locations they deliver services from.

So offshoring IT is no longer having your IT delivered from India. There are nearshore options in Central Europe and many far flung alternatives such as the Philippines and China.

But that’s not all that is changing. The services being delivered from offshore locations are also changing. It is no longer just a source of cheap call centres or low cost software development resources. And offshore doesn’t actually mean offshore now because offshore based suppliers can ship offshore staff onshore to carry out work.

The reason I am writing this blog is to try and get some feedback for an article I am planning. I want to write about what the term “offshoring IT” means today? I want to look into how it has changed and the multiple opportunities available for businesses.

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