Obama more popular than Romney in India despite anti-offshoring stance

It seems it is not only politicians in local government that have to tread carefully when it comes to outsourcing but also US presidents and those trying to oust them.

In the mid-term US election outsourcing is playing a key role. Barack Obama is taking an anti-offshoring stance to win over citizens during hard times, while Republican Mitt Romney owns a company that offshores work.

I was reading an article on the Hindustan Times website which asked Indian who they would prefer to be US president given that Barack Obama is really pushing for the anti-offshoring vote and the US is a huge source of income to Indian services firms.

When I wrote this article 53.65% said they would prefer Obama while 40.8% said Romney. The rest said they couldn’t say.

Read the article here.

Recently Cornwall Council’s leader was ousted because of his support for outsourcing and
tonight Barnet Council’s leader faces a confidence vote over the issue of outsourcing council services.