O2 said plans seen by Telegraph are not firm but one scenario and it has rejected mass offshoring

I blogged earlier about a report about planned job cuts at O2 on Telegraph.co.uk. O2 have responded and claim the Telegraph article is incorrect as it presents what it has seen in a leaked document as firm plans rather than just an option.

For example offshoring was another option that was rejected.

This is related to its contract to outsource customer services to Capita for 10 years.

O2 has respionded to my blog post about the Telegraph article.

This is O2’s full statement sent to me: “…because the story in the Telegraph suggests they have seen plans to close call centres and cut jobs. The story incorrectly presents these options as a firm plan rather than scenarios we may have discussed with Capita before we made our announcement last week. These are not decisions that have been made.

To be clear,  there have been many options that we and Capita have considered. For example closing contact centres (with inevitable compulsory redundancy) and looking at mass offshoring were options we considered but we rejected them because they weren’t right for our people.    

Instead, we’ve guaranteed the jobs of transferred employees for at least 2 years. Beyond that timescale, if there is any future business requirement to reduce roles for O2 this will not necessarily result in redundancies because Capita would actively manage the process (i.e. roles not automatically being filled when people leave and potential redeployment to other roles within Capita). Capita is a growing business delivering customer service to thousands of organisations and leading brands.

In terms of the reference made in the article to site closures, it’s important to note that Capita has a broad portfolio of sites across the UK including Scotland, Yorkshire and the North West. If in the future they did decide to review occupancy of any of their sites, this will not, necessarily result in redundancies because they already have a number of sites in these locations.”