.NET developers in demand from UK businesses

With businesses offshoring software development, by the truckload, it is good to see that there are actually some software skills in demand in the UK.

According to the latest REC/KPMG report on jobs, .NET developers are in short supply for both permanent and temporary positions.

So Microsoft’s development framework for web applications is in demand.

Is this a good opportunity for home grown IT professionals or will the service providers step in and take the slack.

Karl Deacon, CTO at IT outsourcing giant Capgemini, says he is not aware of a shortage in .Net skills generally but thinks certain subsectors of .Net could have shortages. For example he said Capgemini was recently looking for developers with BizTalk skills but there was a shortage.

It could also be that .Net application in certain sectors is in demand, according to Deacon.

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