Most private sector companies not interested in recruiting former public sector workers

Over half (57%) of private sector businesses are unwilling to take on redundant public sector workers according to research from the Financial Times.

The survey of 500 private companies found that 57% are not interested in taking on former public sector workers and 52% believe these workers are not up to the job.

There are hopes within the IT profession that the private sector will pick up the slack a bit as many IT workers in the public sector could soon be out of work with a possible 300,000 public sector job cuts to come before 2015. But this does not seem the case.

But IT suppliers might be an exception. If the public sector cuts a lot of IT staff they will still need the work to be done. This could mean more outsourcing and as a result demand for recruits in the IT services sector. Who better to recruit than an IT worker with bags of public sector experience?

I spoke to the head of an Indian company recently and he told me the company had engaged with the UK government to offer them the possibility of re-housing public sector IT staff that have been made redundant.

Then there is Bindi Bhullar, a director at Indian supplier HCL, who I spoke to last week, has a lot to say about this. “What we need above all is for the government to take a more active role in equipping public sector workers to manage existing and future IT projects. By training them in a broader set of skills, public sector workers will be more prepared for the transition into the private sector, and more suitable for the jobs that may exist there.

“One thing’s certain – if we are to look back in the years to come and see the Big Society initiative as a big success, then it will be important to have everyone – in both the public and private sector working together.ˇ