More than the GDP of small country spent on government procurement reports

I recently asked in a blog post whether we really needed another review of government IT procurement? I asked this following the launch of a review of government IT procurement by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)

As I said in that blog these things are ten a penny and they make the same conclusions and nothing is done about it. You know the findings off by heart. There are a small number of large IT suppliers dominating the market, it is too difficult and expensive for suppliers to switch suppliers, and who would forget that it is too hard for small suppliers to get into the game.

Well anyway the answer to my question about whether we need another government review of procurement was obviously yes because that is what we got. The NAO published a report on government outsourcing including IT.

Guess what? A few big suppliers dominate the market.

I wonder how much it costs to put together one of these reports? It would be interesting to see what the return on investment is on some of this work.