Mark Hurd: From scoundrel to Oracle in 31 days

It has been an eventful month for former HP CEO Mark Hurd. After being ousted at HP in early August, following a sexual harassment investigation, he now finds himself having to slum it as co president at Oracle.

Life is tough at the top.

Here is a timeline of Hurd’s eventful 31 days:


07 August  – Hurd forced to resign after a sexual harassment investigation revealed dodgy expense claims.


09 August – Revelations that the sexual harassment claim against Hurd, which was proved false, was made by a 50 year old former soft porn actress.


09 August – The search is on to find a replacement for Hurd.


10 August – Oracle boss Larry Ellison says HP has made a big mistake getting rid of Hurd.


13 August – Hurd and other HP board members face lass action lawsuit.


14 August – News breaks that Hurd could pocket $40m from HP.


06 September – Hurd in talks with Oracle about an executive role.


07 September – Hurd replaces Charles Phillips as co president at Oracle.