Large IT suppliers are using small suppliers to buy their drinks

Large IT service providers are hanging around off licenses to get small IT suppliers to buy their cans of larger.

Well sort of.

The UK government has set lots of targets for departments to get them to spend certain amounts of money on SMEs which inevitable means less for the big suppliers.

In a reverse in roles it is no longer the young looking adolescents asking their bearded mates or Dave’s uncle to go in the off license on their behalf, but the big established IT suppliers getting the public sector contracts by talking SME suppliers into working with them as a foil.

So according to analyst company TechMarketView the big boys are trying to use the small players to get the business.

“As these ‘newer entrants’ make their mark, the larger SITS suppliers are trying to reassert themselves. Notably they are playing the ‘working with larger suppliers can bring significant benefits’ card.”

Hear is an article I wrote about the TechMarketView public sector IT services sector report.