Is the government about to do a u-turn on IT salary increases for offshore workers in the UK?

I wrote last week about the changes the UK Border Agency (UKBA) was making to the codes of practice for immigrant workers which resulted in many IT roles having to be paid a lot more money. I also blogged about it.

This was welcomed by many in the IT industry because they believe the pay levels were set too low and made it easy for businesses to offshore IT jobs.

I hope I didn’t speak too soon and fill IT workers with hopes of a level playing field, but it looks like the salaries might change again because the UKBA has taken the details down from its website and said it is reviewing them.

To be exact this is what the statement says: “The occupational codes of practice for skilled occupations under Tier 2 of the points-based system are currently being reviewed and will be republished here as soon as they are available.”

Obviously there is a chance that the salaries might be being raised as a result of pressure from campaigners against the practice of replacing UK workers with low cost staff from overseas. But there could also be a bit of pressure from industry and even some of the IT suppliers it might have been worried about having to charge more and as a result become less competitive.

I am waiting for a statement from the Home Office to clarify things but as the changes were only put on the site last week it seems strange to be doing a review already.

Here are some of the changed salaries in IT announced last week:

IT or IS director minimum salary was £83,200 a year in 2010 and is now £92,628

Computer services manager leapt from £43,000 to £53,516

Software managers or programme managers have to get paid at least £57,837 now compared to £40.500 last year.

Offshore Systems developers working onshore had to be paid at least £31,200 last year but will now earn £41,891 and Systems Auditor minimum pay moves from £34,600 in 2010 to £47,880 this year.

Here is the full table of changes to the IT salaries expected for offshore workers in the UK that was announced last week. I link to Intellect because I only had a link to the UKBA figures which have now been taken down.