Is Lloyds TSB's managed service causing Co-operative problems?

Today Lloyds TSB is having problems with ATMs and online banking  as a result of a yet to be identified system error.

See the article I wrote.

The interesting thing from an outsourcing point of view is the fact that back in July, when the Co-operative bank acquired thousands of Lloyds current account customers, Lloyds TSB agreed to provide a managed service to the Co-op for the accounts taken over.

And it turns out that the Co-operative bank is also having problems today. Mind you I called the press office and they said it is a complete coincidence and the Co-operative problems are completely unrelated to the Lloyds problems.

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And where exactly are the people who are responsible for keeping this "managed service" working? Surely this is unrelated to Lloyds TSB's fanatical commitment to firing thousands of UK staff (UK taxpayers) over the last 8 years and shipping all its back office work to India? And was it the UK taxpayer or the Indian taxpayer who had to bail these corrupt and incompetent clowns out of the mess they'd created for themselves in their blind pursuit of greed? Seems like they're still maintaining their famously high standards of responsibility towards their UK customers and shareholders (the UK taxpayer).

Maybe Lloyds TSB crashed the cash machine system on purpose, in case UK taxpayers finally get wise and demand our money back so we can invest it in genuine UK businesses that might create UK jobs instead.