Is Fujitsu flirting with danger by rewarding some workers?

Interesting story in the Mirror today.

Fujitsu has spent £200,000 on a jolly in Bermuda for about 50 workers and their partners, while it freezes the pay of the UK workforce as a whole.

Fujitsu has recently agreed to end a pay freeze for workers. Workers will receive a rise in August after it was put back from April. Fujitsu has put aside a pot for a 2.25% pay increase across the company in August, but some will get nothing.

Fujitsu said the Bermuda trip is a reward for workers that have done well.

Unite national officer Peter Skyte told the Mirror:  “We have no problem with Fujitsu recognising the contribution and achievements of its workforce. “However, rewarding a hand-picked few at the top while at the same time cutting the standard of living for the overwhelming majority of its employees is highly divisive.”

But a spokesman said the rewarded group includes people from sales, marketing, accounts and is not just senior people.