Indian IT supplier to white label Linux smartphones

I was just reading about the latest ABI Research announcement that Linux based smartphones, that use the Google Android operating system, will take a 33% of the worldwide smartphone market by 2015.

One of the things I picked up at a recent meeting with Indian IT service provider MindTree , but have not yet written in any detail about, was the fact that the company is going to launch a smartphone white label business. The smartphones it will manufacture use Google Android.

I thought the ABI research was probably the opportunity to flag up what MindTree was doing.

This strategy comes after MindTree acquired Kyocera Wireless in India to increase its product engineering capabilities and add wireless technology know how to its brand.

When I met MindTree’s head of Europe Tridip Saha and chairman Ashok Soota, a pioneer of offshoring, they told me that the Kyocera unit it acquired also had the required skills to manufacture smartphones.

I am often impressed by the diversity of the businesses of many of the IT service providers, particularly those offshore.

MindTree already offers IT services encompassing internet based solutions as well as business intelligence and data warehousing software. It also does product engineering where it designs and engineers components of products.

Being able to offer diverse services and products can obviously benefit customers through a one stop shop but could also ensure the suppliers are less impacted by drops in demand for one particular business line.

Being small and nimble probably helps.